Hello there,

So I bet you’re just like what the heck is going on right now. 

Well you have just been stickered…sounds painful right. 

Before you go running off and clicking the little red x hear me out.

You know when bands or record labels or any group that wants more publicity makes stickers and they stick them on like everything, well think of this as a virtual sticker and you have just been ‘stickered’.

You have been chosen by one of the admins of the Chris Colfer Street Team Family to join our Street Team on facebook. You don’t get a prize (although if you do join we may send you some virtual cookies, but only if you join and you know who doesn’t like cookies) but you do get to join the best facebook group ever. 

If you’re a Chris Colfer fan, the street team on facebook is the place to be. 

Still unsure…

Well we are trying to become official and to do this we need more members, hence the publicity. 

If you have any more questions about anything come and ask me here or else send a message to the facebook group and one of the admins will be in touch. 

But come and join us, as well as just finding out about Chris’ latest adventures you get to meet awesome people like yourself that stick together through anything. 

Thanks for taking the time to come here and read this and remember to spread this shit like nutella ;) 

CCSTF admins.

P.S this is not the Street Team the Street Team is on Facebook. Follow the links. x

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